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Thursday, April 19, 2007


"Leaders are judged not by their personal productivity but by their effect on the productivity, morale and effectiveness of others."

edited on 22-Apr-2007 : "Leaders are judged by their personal productivity AND by their effect on the productivity, morale and effectiveness of others."
Its suppose to be like this kan?? Baru ngam kutt!!

Don't give up on team morale problems mcm org bernama Gue!!
Amacam? Kewl tak pernyataan di atas?
Aku rasa macam something fishy lar... Or, its just my nose yg smell like that, and the truth is nothing actually?? Hahaha...
Apa-apapun, hint is that statement!! wakakkaka....

p/s : Baru x sampai sebulan dah nak berhujah..
p/s 2 : Just for fun!! No hard + heart feeling okay...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Laptop-tracking technology rarely used among SMBs
Computrace Technology
The Computrace® Agent is a small software client that can be embedded into the BIOS firmware “at the factory”, or installed like most software applications onto the hard drive of a computer. When embedded in the BIOS of computers by major OEMs, such as Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Motion and Panasonic, the Computrace Agent can survive operating system re-installations, hard drive reformats and even hard drive replacements.

What are these two links? Am interested to share it here coz lately I heard quite a number of stolen laptop cases + experience from friends... Do we have this kind of technology here in Malaysia? hehe.. if there is, please do tell me..

tapi kan, tetiba terfikir... maybe we should embed this kind of 'agent' to our children first kut.. rentetan from Yin's case lar... one more that I really want to know... how do we see embedding chip in human body from Islam perspective?

p/s : during this entry, i've changed the title for 3 times... maybe blogger.com can allow blogger to re-arrange the screen kut (e.g. Google Home)... so that I can put the title textbox to the end of this page, just before the Publish button... hehehe...

Friday, April 13, 2007


hahah... amacam title??? best tak??
nothing related actually, just dunno what title should go along with this post... why izinkan_ku_pergi? cause currently my colleague tgh pasang lagu tuh dekat pc dier... hahaha....

what to update? hmmpphh... okay lets start with planning ahead... cause what have been have been lar kan... cant wait for this coming sunday get-2-gather ngan kak leen, kak watie and liezza... been a month since our last meeting... hahhaa... one month jek pun dah rindu ker??? its not the matter of rindu, its one way to maintain our friendship... betul tak kawan2? many thanks to kak leen yang initiate this time punya get-2-gather... huahuahua... gue kne buat choco-cake ker?? hahha... need to find quality time tomorrow for this one, otherwise i'll need to rush to buy replacement for that one... hahhahah... really arr, this entry doesnt have any knowledge... so, if u are expecting something after reading this, better stop now!! hahaha...

bengongs already... its 8.00pm and am still in the office, blogging?? hahahhaa... today such an unproductive day for me... clock-in at 8.08 am and then went to Tabung Haji to buy breakfast... mahal jugak food kat sana... its 2.50 for a polisterine of meehoon goreng + telur goreng mata... then, makan2+boraks2 became 9++ already... run pl/sql yang dah buat roughly semalam, tapi ade error... hmm... still figuring it out, then documentation works came... hehe... kene setelkan chapter tuh by this coming monday... takpelah... then, at 12.15 gitu, dah gerak to PC Fair... jalan2 lenggang kangkung beli screen protector for my lappy, pastu up sket lappy lock jugak... nak usyha samsung mp3 player tuhs lar... rm die macam okay2 gak lar... heheh... tapi kena kira budgeting lar... kalau tak!!! how do i survive for another 2 weeks in this month... whatever it is... rezeki ade dimana2 ye tak!!! eh, kena speed up... makan burger king... then sampai opis dah 4.30... buat keje setelkan slide tuh, then waiting for friends... now nak balikkk... tata....

Sunday, April 08, 2007


been a week for a new responsibility.. quite tough here.. first day, get into the weekly team meeting and focus group discussion.. this project have been divided into a number of focus group, and i've been assigned to data migration focus group.. second day, discussion with all team members before meeting users' on the next day.. Meeting with users, fuuu~~ They're so aggressive compared to users' that I've met previously while working with my first company.. Does they feel so powerful?? Hmm... dunno lar... Coz in my first involvement in project with my first company(the kind of users' that I felt powerful too), I've never been in a meeting with the users directly.. Whatever~~ Fourth day, discussion with other focus group; and I had to give a brief presentation on what I understood abt the project as well as my tasks for my focus group... Fuu~~ jugaklaa... Dah lama tak cakap kat depan... Rasa macam bengongss gilerr... Fifth day, quite relax sbb people around me dah release kerja derang sket.. And, we even had our muvie time that evening.. Huhuhu...

Reading Materials : http://searchoracle.techtarget.com/originalContent/0,289142,sid41_gci950947,00.html