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Sunday, April 08, 2007


been a week for a new responsibility.. quite tough here.. first day, get into the weekly team meeting and focus group discussion.. this project have been divided into a number of focus group, and i've been assigned to data migration focus group.. second day, discussion with all team members before meeting users' on the next day.. Meeting with users, fuuu~~ They're so aggressive compared to users' that I've met previously while working with my first company.. Does they feel so powerful?? Hmm... dunno lar... Coz in my first involvement in project with my first company(the kind of users' that I felt powerful too), I've never been in a meeting with the users directly.. Whatever~~ Fourth day, discussion with other focus group; and I had to give a brief presentation on what I understood abt the project as well as my tasks for my focus group... Fuu~~ jugaklaa... Dah lama tak cakap kat depan... Rasa macam bengongss gilerr... Fifth day, quite relax sbb people around me dah release kerja derang sket.. And, we even had our muvie time that evening.. Huhuhu...

Reading Materials : http://searchoracle.techtarget.com/originalContent/0,289142,sid41_gci950947,00.html


Anonymous Anonymous typed...

First ~ delete all the words tough, susah, problem dan yang sepertinya from your dictionary.

Second ~ replace all negative words with strong positive words.

Third ~ jangan lupa belanja makan bila dapat first pay. Memang berkat :)

Jangan segan (malas)... mintak pada Allah dengan yakin, takwa dan tawakkal.... dia akan makbulkan doa. InsyaAllah berjaya.


Blogger Shara typed...

hehehe.. insyAllah..



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