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Thursday, April 22, 2010


3:04 PM *ME*
Hi ****... Could I ask something that is bothering me today?


3:05 PM *ME*
Its regarding the salary adjustment that I received today.. I notice that the amount
of increment is different among each person.. May I know it is based on what

Challenge is that we do not have any clear goals set-up for last year, so I cant really
tell excatly. Thats the reason why we now are setting up clear gaols for all of
you so that we can do this another way next year

3:12 PM *ME*
Okay.. Its just that I am curious of the different amount everyone is getting.. Some
with lower income is getting less than what I got, and some with lower income is
getting more than what I got..
its like we have been rated but we
didnt know the measurement...

3:16PM *ME*
I just thinking that if we doesn't have any clear goals setup for last year, it
would be more fair and nice if the increment is with the same amount for
everyone.. Like what we are getting the bonuses for the past years...

Yes, you have a point there, but we chose to do it in another way

3:25 PM *ME*
would you mind to explain in what way is it?

**kemudian aku dipanggil masuk ke meeting room~~ and guess what answer i got... it was based on inputs from our previous manager (who is with so much of favouritism) and from country manager (who is not at the KL office most of the time in a year)...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010