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Thursday, September 28, 2006


"Find someone whose intellectual powers meet or even exceed yours. It's time to break away from inhibiting worldviews by engaging in some radical and stimulating conversation. Be open to new points of view."

Eheh... My Astrology.Com Daily Horoscope for today (Thursday 28 Sept 2006)... Why do I subscribe to this thing? Most important reason is that I need a motivation to boost up my energy each day.. If u read this in the morning, how do u feel?? Excited tak?? Teruja?? Actually everyday punya horoscope pun will brighten up my day to think about something out of my views.. It gives me new ideas eventhough most of them I haven't make it practical... But, I guess this one is not so much of 'changing' me, so better try to make it a real!!! Ganbarimashou!!!!

p/s: Ashita wa I3 no shiken!!


Anonymous Anonymous typed...

Cik Shara, menda2 khurafat tu. To be motivated and to be inspired.... minta lah dari Pencipa alam semesta ni. Wassalam :)


Blogger _sharax_ typed...

eheh.. insyAllah.. Terima Kasih!!! :D


Blogger Watie Zakaria typed...

hehe baca chicken soup for the soul pun ok shara.. ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous typed...

Kenape tak baca Al-Quran? Itu kan mukjizat untuk kita. Beli yang ada translation or download from Internet. ".... LaTahzan InnAllahamaana..." = ... jangalah kamu bersedih kerana Allah bersama kita...



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