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Monday, September 11, 2006


wallla... dah complete Treasure Hunt last weekend... it's been a very enjoying + mind-squeezing + relaxing weekend... hahaha... credits to Ichak (the Navigator whom I called her tulip-tulip-tulip during the hunt), Norli (the head of mind-squeezer) and Hanim (the mind-squeezer right-hand person)...
Early morning Saturday... as early as 4.05am been get up from bed... take my bath, had my heavy breakfast (nasi putih + kari ikan + kerabu sotong) while watching Astro Kirana, and waited for Ichak & Anim to arrive. 5.10am; they arrived!! 5.20am; gerak to Norli's place @Bukit Jalil. 6.35am; after prayer @Norli's place, we headed to Seremban. 7.20am; arrived Majlis Perbandaran Seremban... registration, sarung t-shirt provided for the race, makan bfast (again???), briefing... 8.19am; FLAG-OFF... ready Shara!! ur the driver.. pls be safe!! Q1 & Q2 are set place at Perpustakaan Negeri Sembilan... after that headed to Rumah Tunku Ampuan Najihah (orphanage) to handed over our first treasure which is a t-shirt + doing the challenge... okayla cause Anim got the N9 info printed version from internet.. haha.. lucky us!! after that.. hehe.. here comes the tricky part of a Navigator.. my navigator had point me to the wrong direction, instead of turning right after getting out from the orphanage; we are going left.. hehe.. tetibe, sampai had km (luckily it was 0.8km); no traffic light, no junction as indicated on the tulip!!!! kekekke.... after studying back the tulip, we realize that we had gone to the wrong way... kekekkeke.... lucky us jugakk!!! after straigthen back the mind-set, we continue the race!!! everythings went good!! the route we've taken is Seremban -> Nilai (PLUS) -> Senawang (PLUS) -> Kuala Pilah -> Seri Menanti -> Rembau -> Pedas/Linggi (PLUS) -> Port Dickson (PLUS) -> Mambau -> Lukut -> Tanjung Tuan (SELESA Beach Resort). Arrived at Selesa @4.40pm... a few minutes before our penalty time ends!! Kikikik...
Then, dapat another t-shirt to wear during the dinner time malam kang; after that we headed to our hotel, apartment actually kat PD Marina Resort... a 2-bedroom apartment, just nice for 4 of us!! cantiknyeee apartment!!! lepak2 tgk tv, tengok laut; at 7.50pm; went out for the dinner kat Selesa Beach... pity us... takdapat any lucky number... but still, we are satisfied cause eventhough we are amateur team; we still managed to get 23 question right out of 40 questions!!! a big applause from us to us!!! hahahhaha.... dinner, makan dengan tak-ingat-dunianya... sampai chicken lemon tuh 2 kali aku ulang!! yela, we havent had our lunch in the afternoon... everybody was so excited to do the race hence just happily let go our lunch!! hahahaha... walla!! kuatnye team spirit kami.. Alhamdulillah!! Many thanks gals!! You rock!!! After dinner, everyone of us seems like cant open our eyes wider... we headed straight back to the hotel and ZZzzzzZZZzzzzzz!!!!
8.00am; headed out to had our breakfast @Selesa Beach Resort... 9.00am; Swimming Pool time!!!!! going back-and-forth suming pool, beach, suming pool, beach... Lepaking on the sleeping-chairs at the beachside.. walla... beach breeze... haaaa... leganyaaa!!! there goes all my tension!!!! 12.15pm: ooopssss!!! checkout kol berapa ek sepatutnye??? wakkakakaka... on our way out of the Selesa, we can see our Treasure Hunt gangs had already well-packed to get back to KL, while 4 of us baru nak balik hotel... ahhahahahha!!!!! 1.20pm; received call from the apartment renter that she only managed to see us at 2pm... walla... baik gue lepak lama2 lagik kat selesa tadik!!! hahahhaha... 2pm sharp!!! headed out and search for kedai makan.... about 2km past Selesa Beach, there is Medan Selera on our right hand side... Trus masuk situ nak makan!!!
lepas makan, teringat that my mom pesan beli Gula Melaka... hah? mana nak carik Gula Melaka kat PD?? heheheh.... nampak signboard Central Market 10KM... okeh, kewll... leh singgah jap lagik... alih2 CM dia kelakar gilerr... kalau nak tau tahap kekelakarannya, silalah berkunjung ke Central Market Lukut... hahahhaha....
4.25pm; Asar prayer-call we arrived @ Norli's place kat Bukit Jalil....
5.30pm; arrived @my house....

waaaa.... at last ada gak things to typed-in kat this blog!!!!
Last but not least... Thanks a bunch to Norli, Ichak 'n Hanim!!! Next time we go for another treasure hunt okay!!!!


Blogger dcharmed typed...

wahhh kewl... see now it seems like you finally get a balanced life girl! ;) gud for you!:D



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