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Saturday, September 23, 2006


thanks a bunch to SHAZ team for initiating that ajax worksyop yesterday... it was an eye-opener for me to try on the ajax thingy.... ye laa kan, before this mcm tempted jugak nak try, but then takde push-factor... so, my temptation just flow-away~~~ ahahaha.... so, now; already got an ajax assignment to do... sharax!!! bangun... jangan berlengah lagik!! AJAX-ise IT (quoting from Ivan presentation)!!!

Yesterday, during my Japanese class... we learned on Honorific Form, Humble Form... It was so 'kelakar' when Mokuda-sensei pronounce the Malay translation of those form... Kata Menghormati, Kata Merendahkan Diri... hahahhaa.... best lar sensei!! well, for my Japanese lesson; hmmpphhh.. am quite frustrating with my level-keteraan thing... eventho dah nak gerak ke advance level, am still not that terror + confident to converse in japanese.. and, i really-really hope that i got that push-factor to converse confidently in japanese soon... in Damai maybe?? aminnn....

so, tomorrow is 1st Ramadhan 1427H.. Selamat Meyambut Ramadhan... Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa & Ibadah Sunat... Shara nak mohon maaf kalau ada tersilap kata, terkasar bahasa, terasa hati, ter-yang-mcm2-lagi la... 0-0 yek!!! Marilah kita menyambut Ramadhan dengan hati yang tenang dan bebas dari segala dosa silam... InsyAllah.... Aminn...


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beb... selamat berpuasa... ingat2 lah org disini.. :(


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