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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The Law of Attraction claims to have roots in Quantum Physics, although this is dismissed by the scientific community as pseudoscience[10]. According to proponents of this law, thoughts have an energy which attracts whatever it is the person is thinking of.[2] In order to control this energy to one's advantage, proponents state that people must practice four things: [11]

  1. Know exactly what you want.
  2. Ask the universe for it.
  3. Feel, behave and know as if the object of your desire is already yours (visualize).
  4. Be open to receive it and let go of (the attachment to) the outcome.

Thinking of what one does not have, they say, manifests itself in not having, while if one abides by these principles, and avoids "negative" thoughts, the universe will manifest a person's desires.[11]


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