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Friday, November 13, 2009


wahhh... ipod touch dah turun rega... ipod touch yg 32GB = RM 1,199.. seronoknyer.. cukup2 ngan duit kutu... tapi duit kutu aku dah g simpan kat bank.. takkan nak bawak kuar utk beli ipod touch pulakk... kalau korang tau ade contest yg boleh menang ipod touch ni bagitau aku ek...

source : http://www.blogjer.com/2009/09/10/ipod-touch-price-cut-and-new-ipod-nano-with-camera/


Blogger Soulie typed...

kuarkan jelah duit tuh shara. ko kan dah mengidam nak ipod touch dari ari tuh. 32gb plak tuh!


Blogger intoxicated-catastropheâ„¢ typed...

aku nk iPhone.. help~ help~



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