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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


We apologize for the non-broadcast -[TV coverage on PIC2007 by sport news programme ScoreBoard on TV3 channel - 17 Spet 2007 (Monday Night) 12.30am]

This has been an obvious ERR on TV3 scheduling. We have received a formal apology from TV3 as they recognized it’s their fault. We will be posting the apology letter for your viewing within the next few days. We are equally disappointed with this outcome and will update you on TV3 new proposed broadcast date.

Yours Sincerely,
Tim Ho.
18th Sept 2007

Hehehe.... Know what?? I slept early yesterday nite... At about 9pm... Then woke up sharp 12:28 a.m. , realizing that yeah... i wont miss the show... straight turn on the TV... bye-bye from Nightline, then the NEXT is showing SCoreboard... hehhehe... after the imsak time, the NEXT appears again, but now its POP instead of SCOREBOARD... ooppss... what's this?? then, the POP show is aired... walla... waited for half an hour... after half an hour, there's another POP aired... what is this??? Where is SCOREBOARD??? maybe after POP, TV3 will be airing SCOREBOARD kuttt... waited for another half an hour... huhu, now its Jejak Rasul.... quite interesting, so just watch while snacking.... later then, at 2.05 a.m. , a drama coming up.... hahaha... sorry laa... better go to sleep....

Today, see the memo up there?... Huhuhu.... I'll surely telling you people once I've been informed with the new airing date+time... Sorry for those who've waited as well.... Addaku and Mahdi~~~


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