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Wednesday, December 03, 2008



Curtains are almost falling on the year 2008! Let us go for a celebration on the name of '2008', and what better occasion than Christmas to share this joyous occasion.

Hence, as it is a season for giving let us have a present exchange for this occasion. Simply draw from a box (Padma will be bringing a box later today) on the person you need to buy the gift for! At a minimum budged of RM 10 go on a shopping spree, get that special gift, have it wrapped and named and place it under the Christmas tree by the 19th of December.

You need not state your name on the gift, and no one will know who the gift is from therein allowing you full freedom to get that special gift for that special recipient!!!

Go shopping!



Blogger Soulie typed...

ko nak beli aper nanti shara? ermmm kalo ada nampak adiah with my name on it kat bawah pokok kismes kowang tuh tlg simpankan yeah! (^,^)


Blogger amfarra typed...

aku pong!


Blogger sharax typed...

kak fara aku pong yg sama cam soulie ker?



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