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Sunday, October 12, 2008


hehehhe... its nearly end of 2008 now... and, still remember tak my aim for 2008?? travel as much as i could... (actually forgot whether i did wrote in blog or not, rasanya ada kutt)... and here i am to do some pre-post-mortem as we are now in October dah...

January - Kota Bharu (1D1N) + Kuala Terengganu (1D1N) + Kuantan (1D)
February - Pulau Tioman (3D3N) + Kuantan (1D)
March - Bandung (4D3N)
April - Cameron Highlands (3D2N)
May - Bangkok (5D5N)
June - Pulau Pangkor (2D1N)
July - Morib (2D1N)
August - Penang (2D2N) + Perlis (1D)
September - its Ramadhan.. got one trip balik kampung Perak (2D1N) for the moreh
October - its Syawal.. Perak (1D1N) + Kota Bharu (1D1N)..

okay... now the lists of upcoming trip until end of the year...
October 16 till 19 - Pulau Perhentian for PIC 2008
November 12 till 19 - Iceland for company trip + Copenhagen for the extended trip
December - no any plans yet... but, know what... last month, I've won a 3D2N package for 2 person to Koh Samui, Thailand.. this is the radio (Fly FM) contests co-sponsored by FireFly.. hehe... they'll be sending in the vouchers soon... as the voucher will be valid until March next year, I still don't know when I'll be going off flying to Koh Samui with FireFly new aircraft... hehehe... and checking on the website for the hotel... woowweee, its sooo classy and *romantic*... lets see how la kan... coz, takut jugak since the tsunami happens on December.. Hihihi.. :D


Anonymous aan typed...

nak g Koh Samui dgn sapa??? nak ekottt :p


Blogger sharax typed...

belum ader geng.. jika mau, boleh diuruskan...


Anonymous noly typed...

wowo you are so lucky bebbb!!!!

tiket samui tue kasik hadiah kat aku pon takper kalau takpasti nak pergi ker tak

-xsc13 -


Blogger sharax typed...

aku bukan x pasti nak pegi ke tak..


Blogger Soulie typed...

free vacation to koh samui! besnyehh!



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