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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Your man will have dreamy, mysterious eyes and a shy, sweet smile.
You'll be head over heels from the moment he first quotes Shakespeare to you in that inspired voice of his.
Your Mr. Perfect knows how to be extremely romantic and is in tune to all your moods.
He will be able share tears with you.
He will always notice when you get a haircut or wear a special dress.
Besides being poetical, he may be also musically talented and play you sweet melodies to win your heart. Needless to say, he will love you like crazy.

p/s: sempurna???


Blogger Azmi typed...

Impossible kot =:0


Blogger Shara typed...

hahaha... yups, this sounds perfect and nobody's perfect~~ :peace:


Blogger ~ms tepung~ typed...

mcm impossible sbb xde sape perfect...
but yg xperfect tu le yg melengkapi...Insya Allah



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