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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Why CloveTWO should pick me for the Free Baking Workshop??

- Coz I've already told my friend to free up her schedule on the 5th July for the baking workshop. I was so confident that I could win the contest on CloveTWO website.. Hahaha.. But, just checked on the winners list; and my name was not there... I've posted message on CloveTWO facebook TheWall, I've RSVP my attendance on CloveTWO and here I am blogging about this event after found the workaround from AllMalaysia.info website... So, pleasee send the invite for me and my dear friend, Zaza..

- I wanna learn the expert ways of baking.. Since then, I only bake cakes and cookies based on recipe book.. I've never had any proper class for baking.. I do really hope to be the participant for this baking workshop with the Dr Baker... (lame reason, I know; but this is the real fact!! please consider.. hahaha.. dah start begging~~)

- Alamak, I forgot what I've wrote for the contest slogan.. But, it sounds like this... "I wanna bake moist chocolate cake for my birthday, choc fudge and choc chip walnut cookies for hari raya, and sweet buns for lazing on weekends.." Doesn't this sounds good enough to prove that I will manipulate the knowledge from the workshop for a good cause?? Hehehe...

- Now comes to the exaggerating part.. Blurr ah, dunno what else to say... Just send me the invite.. Save my brain cells activity and saves your time too...



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