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Thursday, April 23, 2009


The 4 Things

I was tagged by Soulie and Didie

4 names that friends call u
1. Shara
2. Wan
3. Sha

4 most important dates in ur life
1. 19th Nov every year
2. 1st Oct every year
3. 13th Oct every day

4 things u've done in the last 30minutes
1. doing this tag
2. talk about future life
3. to the ladies
4. buat My Data

4 ways to be happy
1. be good to myself
2. be good to everyone
3. bersyukur dan redha
4. be married

4 gifts u would like to receive
1. [segan nak tulis]
2. time and $$ and partner for vacation
3. nak mesin jahit bleh tak?

4 of ur fav. hobbies
1. walking and traveling
2. relaxing
3. ngedate?
4. doing anything i like

4 places u want to go for vacation
1. islands (not Koh Samui please)
2. hilly areas
3. beaches
4. camping by the river

4 things always found in ur bag
1. keys (house and car)
2. tissue
3. eye-drops
4. purse

4 u love so much
1. myself
2. my family
3. [this is your ranking as of now]
4. my friends

4 things special for u
1. when that thing is meant only for me
2. when the time is meant only for me
3. anything that is meant only for me laa...
4. myself

4 who u would like to answer this tag
1. zaza
2. kak watie
3. aan
4. mas


Blogger PrincessD typed...

alalala shara fav hobbies yg ngedate tu awatla bertanda soal??!hehehe


Blogger sharax typed...



Blogger intoxicated-catastropheâ„¢ typed...

ciss.. nyesal bukak blog shara kali ni...


Anonymous Anonymous typed...

aku kene buat ke??? yelah yelah...

mana nama buji dlm soalan 4 u love so much???



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