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Thursday, March 23, 2006


It's time to reevaluate goals and to look at long-term commitments with a detached and judicious eye. It's time to think about the life you imagined and the life you're actually living. Are there things you want to change?from Astrology.Com (actually its been mailed to me every-single-day)

Yeah!!! Exactly!!! Am looking for a change Now!!! I have had long thinking about this, since end of last year; but still I didn't work for it yet!! What a pity.. Shara, u should move forward; dont just wait there waiting for an opportunity rolling in front of you!!
2-3 days back, I got so much playing in my mind...
1st -> The SAP B1 Career Opportunity : I've been to the career orientation talk last-last week and it seems fine to try. But, the path to that was getting me thinks more; 1st I need to go to the basic course which costs around 2.5K. And, from that talk; the Annie (the presenter a.k.a marketing exec) tells us that course-taker can be considered to work with their company as part-time or full-time consultant. But, am a bit c.u.r.i.o.u.s on that after reading news a day before about (how many am not sure) have been cheated by a VIP for a job-opportunity (read: JOB not CAREER) and they first have to attend so-called training by paying some RM. Hmm, what say you???
2nd -> Talk to my superior about my career advancement. This seems more secure coz I didnt need to go anywhere out looking for opportunity!! I've chatted with a friend on Skype last weekend and poured out all my doubts (abt my career of course). He asked me to try talk to my superior first. Dont judge by your own mind coz you tend to get you-are-right-other-people-wrong answer!! Hahaha... So, the pointers should be identified beforehand... Hope to get more exposure; More responsibility to takecare of; Ask to get involved in business-kind-experience, chance to deal with more+various people; Expose in broader areas; and most importantly : Make them know that you want More Challenge!!! So, any more pointers to help me out on this???
3rd -> Find another job in another company with another environment and meet another-another new people with a hope to get a successfully effective change!!!

Hahaha... My Change is Mainly about Career!! Is it ONLY that circulating in my mind?? For the time being, my answer is yes..
You got more things to take care of Shara, be careful!!! Your business with The One, Your Health, Your mak-abah-adik2, what's more huh...

_nota_kaki_feels relieve after wrote it down somewhere_


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